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2017 Beef + Lamb NZ Future Beef
Hoof & Hook competition:

Friday 12th- Sunday 14th May

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Future Beef New Zealand (FBNZ) is an exciting new initiative first launched in 2006.  It has been created to reshape and re-ignite youths involvement in the New Zealand beef industry.

FBNZ was developed jointly by PBBNZ Ltd, and Beef + Lamb New Zealand as a response to the need to encourage and promote youth involvement and interest in the Beef industry. FBNZ is youth programme and aimed at 8 – 24 year olds from all walks of life.

FBNZ’s goal is to inspire and support the emerging farmers and leaders for the next generation by educating young people about the beef industry, and developing existing skills and passing on knowledge.  This will mean that the industry remains progressive and more importantly sustainable in the future.

What does FBNZ do to achieve its goals?

FBNZ is committed to providing events that encourage interest in the industry and provide a platform for learning, through these events participants; gain experience and knowledge in Beef Cattle, learn the skills they need for the industry, become experienced in Cattle appraisal and handling skills, are exposed to industry technology and learn about meat quality and processing. Furthermore they develop their own network of passionate people, are developed through mentoring and gain a clear overview of the various career options the industry can offer them.

The Organisation

FBNZ’s executive is;

Chairperson: Marc Robertson

Co-ordinator: Isabelle Hobbs, NZ Young Farmers

Treasurer: Hamish Grant

Committee Members: Robyn How, Lauren Cameron, Marie Timperley,  Amy Hoogenboom, Nic Herries & Phil Dunlop.

The executive members are responsible for developing activities and building on past successes toensure that FBNZ continues to grow and achieve its key goals.